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About Us.

Get to know our team behind the scenes in every success of producing delicious and tasty food.

Our Restaurant.

Serving best lamb grill and nasi arab since 2018

With a nice and peaceful restaurant atmosphere you will enjoy great food from us.

A few words about us

Serving best Lamb Grill and Nasi Arab since 2018

Our beginning

The restaurant was founded by a couple who are passionate about the culinary world. In the early days, they started their business by providing a roast goat catering for any occasion.


Kami adalah peneraju utama rangkaian restoran yang menawarkan pilihan menu kambing yang istimewa dengan keunikan rasa dari resepi tersendiri.

Share Value

D - Disipin
I - Integriti
D - Dedikasi
I - Inspirasi
K - Kasih Sayang

Mission Statement

1) Kami adalah penyedia perkhidmatan restoran.
2) Kami menyedikan pilihan menu kambing yang istimewa dengan keunikan rasa dari resepi tersendiri.
3) Kami memberikan pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan bermula dari gigitan pertama.
4) Kami memperjuangkan pemangunan ekonomi sejagat dengan memberi peluang pekerjaan dan manfaaat kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

Our Food Policy

We use healthy and safe raw materials in providing healthy and safe food to our customers.

Our Core Values

We value and respect everyone who comes through our doors, be they our guests or our staff. We consider their experience and well being our highest priority.

Renowned Chefs

Meet the taste experts

Company leader


Be a part of our restaurant

We are looking for new talent to grow this business together..

Norhasyimah Mohd Arip

Managing Director

Khairul Ajumain

Operation Director / Chef

Let's eat.

We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers a refreshing lifestyle concept to local and foreign patrons to ensure you enjoy a memorable hospitality experience every time.

Or call us : 019.2800.761

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